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Any2info has a flexible partner program that allows you to create new revenue opportunities with applications that transform organizations and that deliver value to your customers. Implementation and software consulting partners can build their own apps without coding skills.

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Empowering business consultants to build custom apps for their customers. Without coding, truly no-code.

Native iOS and Android apps without 3rd party tools

Connect to any data source including most common ERPs and IoT data

Affordable for SMBs with transparent pricing

Channel Partner

As a channel partner, sell and deliver the Any2Info application platform that transforms our joint client's businesses. Hosted in the Any2Info public cloud or on your own private cloud.

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Industry Partner

Become the software leader in your industry with specific use case solutions using the Any2Info platform that differentiate your expertise and accelerate customer success.

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White-label Partner

Bring to market a fully developed no-code platform under your own brand as a managed service offering. Powered by Any2Info and hosted in your own private cloud.

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Why partner with Any2Info vs. Mendix,Outsystems, Betty Blocks or WEM?

Any2Info enables you to build no-code applications which are native iOS and Android apps without a single line of code, and without any other 3rd party tools to integrate with external data. Our pricing model is accessable to companies of any size - even the smallest companies with just a handful of employees can build apps on our platform at a price point that is significantly lower than Mendix or Outsystems. This makes Any2Info a key player in the Exact, AFAS and Microsoft domain. Implementation partners can easily develop new functionality on top of their customers’ ERP system that otherwise would not be possible or too expensive.

Become a Partner
Outsystems, Mendix, Betty Blocks and WEM

When we say no-code, we really mean no-code! It’s our ambition that literally everybody can build an app with Any2Info, without a single line of coding. All development is done through visual modelling and drag-and-drop.

Most no-/low-code platforms require some knowledge of coding such as Java, .NET or Javascript. This makes the learning curve steep and in reality it’s tough to build an app without technical skills.

Time to market

Most apps are live within 2 weeks, complex apps that work with multiple external data sources can take up to 3 weeks. In reality you build an app 7-8x faster than traditional coding.

Only the basics are no-code, most apps require custom coding. This leads to an estimated 3-4x faster development time than traditional coding.

Target audience

Any2Info is made for people without coding skills, however you do need to have a sense of how technology works. Business consultants that provide software advisory and ERP implementation services often find it easy to learn and can build an app from scratch within a few days.

Professional developers are often the target audience. Low-code platforms in particular are ideal for teams of Java and .NET developers to to speed up project time to delivery.

Data connectivity

With Any2Info it’s easy to connect to any data source (hence our name; “Any”). Thanks to our Data Hub you can connect to IoT devices, ERP systems or stand-alone databases. You can also add complex workflows and triggers, combine multiple data sources and enrich data manually.

Low-code enterprise solutions come with a data management tool that connect with external data sources. However, most no-code platforms cannot easily connect with external data sources. They oftentimes require 3rd party tools to integrate, for example, ERP data.

Mobile apps

Any2Info is built on the latest .NET CORE technology from Microsoft and uses an app container so you truly have out-of-the-box native iOS and Android functionality. Unlike other platforms that often provide PWA apps which are essentially re-scaled web-apps on mobile. With Any2Info you truly build native apps that even have offline functionality so you can enter and save data even if you’re not connected to Wifi.

Most low-code enterprise platforms provide responsive PWA apps and don’t offer native and offline capabilities out-of-the-box. This is similar to many no-code platforms that are tailored to building web portals that can be accessed only in your internet browser.


At Any2Info we don’t believe in complex pricing tiers to lock in our customers. Customers pay a platform fee that enables them to build as many apps as they want. On top of this you pay a fee per user that scales down the more users you have. You don’t pay per app or development environment. Partners can build apps on the platform for free and bill their customers directly.

All major low-code platforms have recently increased their pricing which makes them only accessible to large enterprise customers. You often pay per app or development environment and pricing typically starts at $25,000/year. This is makes the software less affordable for small and medium businesses.

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Here are just a few reasons to consider becoming an Any2info Partner

Expand Business

Drive subscription revenue with software and services that run up to 10x the one-off (perpetual) fees.

Increase Customer Value

Create happier customers through rapid application development at a much lower cost.

Optimize Resources

Increase the productivity of your consulting and implementation team, with Any2Info there's no need to hire developers.

Win Larger Projects

Bid for large projects with the confidence you can meet and exceed customer expectation.

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