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Flexible pricing for teams of all sizes


Create automated workflows

Starting at


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Connect data from any source
2 Users (editors)
Data Studio
Objects Data flows (no screens)
Integrations ERP - Files
Databases - REST API
Academy support
Edge device + € 25


Create simple workgroup applications

Starting at


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Everything in Data, and:
10 Users included *
App Studio
Objects Data flows & screens (limited)
Logging - reporting
Any2info SaaS / Shared
Storage max 100 MB


Build department-wide business applications

Starting at


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Everything in Basic, and:
20 Users included *
All Studio features
Objects Data flows & screens (limited)
Single Sign On
Cloud services/On-premise
Support 9-5


Build mission-critical core systems

Starting at


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Everything in Pro, and:
Unlimited users
Document services
Unlimited objects (Data flows & screens)
AI Tools
Customer Manager

Only pay for the users you need

Extra users * / minimum user package - 5

1–50 users




51–100 users




101–250 users




250+ users


On request

Extra options

Option name
Company app IOS/Android
€100 /month
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services custom
On request
Extra collection
€100 /month
Extra data hub
€100 /month
Industrial - IoT connections
€100 /month

Only pay for the users you need

Select Users ( min = 5 )
Starting at
/per user
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Gain a competitive advantage by linking all your data

Frequently asked questions

How does Any2Info define a user?

A user is an individual that has access to the platform and/or the applications. Each plan includes "platform users" who have rights to build applications.In addition, we distinguish "viewer users" who have rights to use the applications. All users have a unique login ID and password.

Are cloud resources included in the pricing?

Cloud resources are not included in our license price.
We work with you to determine the best deployment options for your specific needs and determine the cloud resource costs as part of helping you define the best deployment model for your business.

Any2info supports various public and private cloud/on-premise deployment options.

Public or private cloud: A (virtual) private/public cloudbased on our microservices architecture from e.g. Microsoft Azure or AWS, operated by our customers or our customer’s hosting partners.

: The A2I Visual Studio and Data Hub are hosted and maintained on your own servers. This requires a Microsoft SQL and IIS server (physical or virtual with a minimum of 2 CPUs and 8GB RAM).

Can you truly build an unlimited number of apps on Any2Info?

Yes, we want to encourage all our customers to build as many apps on the platform as they want. If you're happy, we're happy! There’s no technical difference between the platform capabilities in the App plans. The difference is price.

If you’re just starting out and planning to build a data integrator or simple application with limited screens/flows you're good to give it go with the Data or Basic plan. But if you intend to build more complex or multiple applications (including a native - company store app) that are being used organizationwide you're better off with with the Pro- or Enterprise plan.

My organization wants to connect our ERP, which plan is best for us?

If you want to connect to external data sources such as your organization's ERP system you need the Pro or Enterprise plan which both include our custom ERP connections. You can also create complex data workflows and combine data from different sources, add triggers, data alarms and actions to automate your business processes the way you want.

Can we connect Any2Info to our legacy software systems?

Yes, if there's no standard API or connector available in our API Store that connects to your organization's systems we are happy to build it for you. We have an experienced team of Data Engineers that can help.

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